Located on a mountain approximately 350m above sea level, in the province of Catanzaro, you will find Falerna, a thriving agricultural centre.

Here you will also find Agriturismo Mendicino, a place where you can go to pass the day or even holiday near the beautiful valley of green olive trees and in total tranquility to enjoy the flavours of dishes diligently prepared in the most simple and traditional way.

Enviable location, just 7 km from the sea, 6 km from Mt.Mancuso where there are picnic areas, hiking paths and games for children.

Immersed in a quiet and picturesque landscape, where during the day, the green of the hills blends with the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, while at dusk you can enjoy magnificent sunsets that frame the Gulf of Sant Eufemia.

You will be welcomed in a friendly environment that gives you the opportunity to spend pleasant days relaxing and enjoying the local flavours and traditions accompanied by the familiar sounds of a place immersed in nature.






Come enjoy a lunch or dinner with us in the traditional rustic setting of Agriturismo Mendicino, where you can savour the abundant and unique flavours from within our region.