The kitchen at our agriturismo prepares meals that are based on products that we grow during the different seasons, cultivated and raised in a totally natural environment, guaranteeing freshness and quality of our product.

Our menu is based on traditional dishes, ensuring variety and uniqueness of home grown products.

Flavours and smells from our kitchen are enhanced by the extra virgin olive oil produced from the olives of our land.

You can also taste products preserved in oils and vinegars, bread made fresh in our wood burning oven, soppressata, capocollo and charcuterie produced and cured like our ancestors.

Pasta is always fresh, seasonal vegetables and first quality meats will complete the first and second courses.

Finally, home made desserts like jam’s pie, orange flavoured cake, and traditional desserts like ‘cuzzupe’, ‘fraguni’, and ‘buccunotti’ help finish off even better your meal.

A healthy and authentic meal, just like our Calabrese tradition.